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Interview Mikel Hooks

Nowadays West Coast Rap is a multimillion dollar business, but how did it all begin? This website will take you on a trip to the forgotten days of the early West Coast Hip Hop scene when fame came before money and the foremost goal was to get the people dancing and the party rocking. The time was fresh and wild in the early 80´s. DJ´s like Michael "Mixxing" Moore and Tony Joseph moved from New York to Los Angeles with a bag full of skills and ideas to conquer the young West Coast Music Scene. They had the highest rated radio shows in Los Angeles on KJLH and KACE called "The Saturday Night Jam" ,"The Traffic Jam", and "L.A. Sunday". In the year 1982 the Rappers Rapp Label, owned by Duffy Hooks, emerged with Gigolo Rap performed by Disco Daddy and Captain Rapp, the first West Coast Hip Hop production. Roger Claytons Uncle Jamms Army was throwing big block parties and the scene was dominated by DJs like Egyptian Lover, Dr. Dre and Chris “The Glove” Taylor. The radio station K-day, hosted by Greg Mack, went on air 1983 which showcased the first live mixing shows on LA radio with the legendary Mixmasters. Clubs like the Radio and Eve after Dark, with Ice-T, Kid Frost, the Spin Masters and Grandmaster Lonzos famous World Class Wreckin Cru made the party people dance the "Freak" to an uptempo beat with synthesizer and vocoder. These clubs and legendary events like the Uncle Jamm parties in the LA Sports Arena captivated the people who became addicted to this new form of music. This website is dedicated to the early West Coast Hip Hop music scene, and a tribute to the artists who put California on the map.


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Who are the artists behind this innovative music. Many of the names are forgotten in time, a few went famous. Here you can read the stories bout guys like Unknown DJ and his label Techno Hop, how Dr. Dre stepped up with the World Class Wreckin Cru, Ice T gettin his first fame in the Club Radio, Egyptian Lover a party rockin DJ who later started the first Afroamerican owned Label Egyptian Empire. How Chris "the Glove" Taylor gets his nickname and the meaning of "Itchiban Scratch". How long Ice T needs to record the rappin for "Reckless", where the name Kru Cut came from and why Dr. Dre left the Wreckin Cru. What has Roger Clayton to say bout the rise of Egyptian Lover and his famous Uncle Jamms Army Parties in the Sportsarena and how Rich Cason influenced the whole scene with his electronic sound. Discover how King MC and his legendary Rappers Rapp Crew made the way for the whole genre in 1982. Step in the world of the pioneers and find out where the West Coast Rap has it´s roots.


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The early West Coast Groups like Uncle Jamms Army. World Class Wreckin Cru and the Knights of the Turntables started as DJ´s. Most West Coast Legends made their first steps spinning records. Egyptian Lover was a member of the legendary Uncle Jamms Army founded by Roger Clayton and Gid Martin. Dr. Dre started his carreer as a DJ for World Class Wreckin Cru with Yella and Cli-n-tel. Ice T and Kid FrostElectrobeat Crew who dominated the Club Radio back in the days. Arabian Prince was a part of Bobby Jimmy and the Critters way before were a part of the NWA step on the scene. Take a look behind the scenes of the early West Coast Crews.


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Many of the early West Coast Labels were founded by the artists themselves to promote their own music. Roger Clayton came up with Freak Beat Records, Unknown DJ started Techno Hop and later Techno Kut and Egyptian Lover Egyptian Empire Records. Duffy Hooks founded the first West Coast Rap Label in 1982 called Rappers Rapp Disco Company and Macola and its Sub Labels Egypian Empire, Rappers Rapp, Techno Hop, Macola, Kru Cut, Dream Team or Saturn Records. To every release you can leave a message in the comment box below. formed gave a lot of underground artists the chance to press their own records. In this section you will find the complete release listings and highresolution scans from famous labels like Macola, Egyptian Empire and Kru-Cut Records.