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The Radiotron
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1983 Dave Guzman (Radiotron Founder)
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Radio Flyer 1984
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Radiotron Day Center
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Radiotron Lady´s
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Radiotron Party Crowd
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Inside the Radiotron
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Radio Flyer 2
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Resident Antron
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Breakin at Radiotron


Opend: 1980
Name: Radio / Radiotron
Original Founders: Radio: Super AJ (1980-1983) / Radiotron: David Guzman (1983-now)

The history of the Radio/Radiotron is long and interesting. First opend as a nightclub in 1980 by a guy called "AJ" who was a close friend to Ice T. Together with Chris "The Glove" Taylor they formed the legendary "Radio Crew".  In 1983 it was closed and reopend as a kind of youth center under the name Radiotron in the Mac Arthur Park area of Los Angeles. It was not just a community youth center; it also served as a safe place for young dancers in Los Angeles to focus on their creativity, leaving the negativity that plagued the inner city at the door. Kids from different neighborhoods, beliefs & backgrounds came to RADIOTRON, ignoring their differences and participating in recreational activities that had a definite Hip-Hop flavor & ultimately played a part in defining Hip-Hop culture.

RADIOTRON soon became the focal point of early Hip-Hop culture, playing host to Breakin's 1st underground event in 1982. Movies like Breaking 1, Electric Boogaloo, Breaking and Entering, as well as many music videos were filmed at RADIOTRON. It was the foundation and continues to be the mother of Hip-Hop in Los Angeles. RADIOTRON not only provided a strong base; it also carried the past to the present for the future of breakin.

David Guzman formaly "MC SIN" meet Ice-T and AJ at the Roxy's in NYC throught Africa Islam. David came to California for a job looking for AJ at the Radio but is was closed down. Dave was hired by Carmelo Alvarez to run the RadioTron in 1983.

In 1985, the community center that had become affectionately known as RADIOTRON was demolished due to legal issues. Although only one wall stands of the community center that once housed the original RADIOTRON location, it continues to live in the hearts & minds of b-boys and b-girls throughout the hip hop nation, so from now on think of the RADIOTRON event as a super global hip hop family reunion.

Big name stars that are synonymous with the international hip-hop movement have supported & appeared at prior RADIOTRON events. Old school legends such as: Air Force Crew, Kurtis Blow, Ice -T, Dre, Shake City Rockers, Greg Mac, Egyptian Lover, Mr Freeze, Fresh, Chain Reaction, Don Camballock, Jurassic 5, Huey, New York City Breakers, Rocksteady, Tony Bazel, Pop n Taco, Fabulous Lockers, Boogaloo Shrimp, Baka Boys, Sway and Tech, Pop n Pete, Orko, Mr. Wiggles, Renegades, Style Elements, LA Breakers, Rockin Wizards, Project Blow and Michael Jackson Productions are but a few of the names that have attended prior RADIOTRON events.

Interview for West Coast Pioneers
David Guzman "Founder of the Radiotron"
Stefan Schuetze
Radio Crew feat. Ice T, The Glove, Egyptian Lover, Super AJ
Breaking and Entering
From the Breakin and Entering Dokumentary. Ice T and Henry G rappin live in the Radio with Chris "the Glove" on the turntables. Egyptian Lover and The Glove cuttin and scratchin "
Breakin "The Movie": The film was inspired by a German documentary entitled Breakin' and Enterin' set in the Los Angeles multi-racial hip-hop club Radiotron, based out of Macarthur Park in Los Angeles. Many of the artists and dancers including Ice-T (who makes his movie debut as a club MC) and Boogaloo Shrimp went straight from Breakin' and Enterin' to star in Breakin'. The music score featured the hits, "Breakin'... There's No Stoppin Us," and "Freakshow on the Dance Floor." Jean Claude Van Damme appears as a background extra in the movie.
From Breakin II. Turbo, Shabba Doo and Poppin Pete breakin and poppin. Ice T on the mic. A West Coast Classic.
Poplockin with some real West Coast Pioneers like Lil Cesar and the Air Force Crew, the Shake City Rockers with Mr. Animation. Also some old school lockin in the Radiotron.